Dear passengers, 

On Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 August, two concerts of Rammstein will take place in Park De Nieuwe Koers in Ostend. This concert area is located next to the airport. Because of the concerts the Dunkirkseweg will be completely closed from Tuesday 2 August (06:00) until Friday 5 August (18:00).

To reach the airport you can follow one of the diversions below:

  • VIA GISTEL (E40 – EXIT 5 / N33): Follow the Oostendebaan/Torhoutsesteenweg until the cross with the Leffingestraat. From there, follow the indicated diversions. 
  • VIA EXIT OOSTENDE (A10 – EXIT 4): Take the third exit at the Kennedy Rondabout. Then follow the Elisabethlaan until the junction of the Nieuwpoortsesteenweg and turn left. Then follow the Nieuwpoortsesteenweg to the airport.  

The concerts will bring a lot of extra traffic to Ostend.  We advise passengers to leave for the airport on time and to take into account any possible extra hindrance.

The airport car parks are reserved for passengers. If you come to the airport by car, you can always park in one of our car parks. 

We wish you a pleasant journey!