Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1171 07:15 ALICANTE Departed at 07:08
TB3131 07:30 SHARM EL SHEIKH Departed at 07:24
TB3131 07:30 HURGHADA Departed at 07:24
TB1071 06:30 MALAGA
TB3311 07:00 ESKISEHIR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
AEA1903 13:40 MADRID Arrived at 14:00
TB3312 15:05 ESKISEHIR
TB1172 19:45 ALICANTE Arrived at 19:35
TB3132 20:30 HURGHADA Expected at 20:32
TB3132 20:30 SHARM EL SHEIKH Expected at 20:32
TB1072 20:25 MALAGA


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Burgas: sun, beach and the beautiful Black Sea. However, Burgas has much more to offer. The Bulgarian people are very hospitable and produce delicious delicacies and divine wines. Book one of our cheap flights to Burgas now with TUI fly and discover this gem by the Black Sea.

Why book a flight to Burgas?

  • The Bulgarian hospitality, mouth-watering cuisine and delicious wines.
  • An extensive range of opportunities for relaxation, sports and going out.
  • The perfect combination of sun, sea and vast beaches.

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