Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1171 07:15 ALICANTE Departed at 07:08
TB3131 07:30 SHARM EL SHEIKH Departed at 07:24
TB3131 07:30 HURGHADA Departed at 07:24
TB1071 06:30 MALAGA
TB3311 07:00 ESKISEHIR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
AEA1903 13:40 MADRID Arrived at 14:00
TB1172 19:45 ALICANTE Arrived at 19:35
TB3312 15:05 ESKISEHIR
TB3132 20:30 HURGHADA Expected at 20:32
TB3132 20:30 SHARM EL SHEIKH Expected at 20:32
TB1072 20:25 MALAGA


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Faro is the capital of the Algarve, a beautiful region in the deep south of Portugal. The magnificent rocky coast, the endless beaches, the idyllic coves, the fish restaurants, the golf courses, the charming villages … there are thousands of reasons to give in to our cheap holiday tickets to Faro!

Flight to Faro? That’s why:

  • Over 100 different beaches: lively, abandoned, protected, rocky …
  • Rural peace and quiet in the hilly interior
  • Distinctive white houses with Arab chimneys and cool roof terraces
  • A passion for golf? Plenty of courses available!
  • On the menu: fresh fish with a matching wine
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