Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1171 06:05 ALICANTE Departed at 05:56
TB1631 09:25 GRAN CANARIA Departed at 09:27
TB1631 09:25 TENERIFE Departed at 09:27
SN1077 11:50 MANCHESTER Departed at 12:05
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
AZ8950 18:25 ROME Expected at 17:26
TB1172 18:45 ALICANTE Expected at 18:58
TB1632 20:25 TENERIFE Expected at 20:58
TB1632 20:25 GRAN CANARIA Expected at 20:58


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Ibiza is the perfect holiday island for young and old alike! The myriad nightlife opportunities and the famous discotheques make this island vibrant with life. Anyone in search of peace and quiet will be enchanted by the calm bays and picturesque villages. Book your flights now with TUI fly for an unforgettable holiday .

Why book a flight to Ibiza?

  • Dalt Vila, the old town centre of Ibiza Town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Charming villages, magnificent beaches and pleasant bays
  • Relaxing surrounded by wonderful scenic beauty
  • Trendy discotheques featuring the best DJs in the world
  • Scooter paradise of Formentera: white beaches and crystal-clear bays
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14:50 17:35             27/04/2020 -25/10/2020 TUI
16:35 19:20             29/06/2020 -30/08/2020 TUI
16:20 20:30             20/04/2020 -18/10/2020 TUI


CEO Marcel Buelens op de koffie bij Radio 1 (2:21:06-2:29:06 en 2:34:50 – 2:48:45) Klik op onderstaande link om het integrale fragment te beluisteren