Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1171 06:00 ALICANTE
TB3281 06:00 IZMIR
TB3231 06:50 ANTALYA
TB1071 12:50 MALAGA
TB3311 16:25 ESKISEHIR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB1172 12:00 ALICANTE
TB3282 15:30 IZMIR
TB3232 15:40 ANTALYA
TB1342 22:10 IBIZA
TB1812 23:55 GRAN CANARIA Expected at 23:52
TB1812 23:55 TENERIFE Expected at 23:52
TB1072 19:15 MALAGA

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Manchester is hip and happening. Over decades, this exciting city has been the cradle of British pop music. It was the home base of The Bee Gees in their early years and many leading bands, such as Joy Division, New Order, 10CC, Simply Red, The Smiths, Oasis and Take That, all originate from Manchester. Music lovers will love to spend time rummaging through the cool record shops of the bohemian Northern Quarter, an area also packed with original shops and great eateries.

The English city is internationally famous due to Manchester United, one of the few football clubs who has won three UEFA competitions. However, if you want to see Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany, you will have to visit the stadium of Manchester City. Take a stadium tour or visit the National Football Museum, a must-see interactive attraction for fans of the ‘beautiful game’.

Manchester is a cultural city where Arts, Design and entertainment spaces have settled in the many former industrial buildings. Visit the Craft and Design Centre, the Imperial War Museum or the iconic gallery The Lowry.

Manchester has a vibrant party scene. You could start your evening out in one of the over seventy exotic restaurants based on the Curry Mile. Many clubs, pubs and bars are now to be found in the revamped former industrial buildings. There’s the “gay friendly” Canal Street and many fascinating bars niched under the railway arches at Deansgate.

Additional information on Manchester: www.visitbritain.com

Djerba is a mythical and fascinating island with a thousand and one wonders. Houmt El Souk, Midoun, Hara Kbira, Hara Sghira, Guellala and many other villages boast countless architectural gems, all kinds of craftwork and a varied cuisine. Djerba is waiting to be discovered by you!

Flights to Djerba: that’s why:

  • Lovely golden stretches of sand fringed with hundreds of palm trees
  • Countless springs surrounded by palm trees, olive trees and fruit trees
  • Golf courses for novice and experienced golfers
  • Dotted with white houses and farms
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Hurghada is the perfect place for a heavenly beach holiday. Sunbathers will enjoy a relaxing dose of sun on the vast stretches of sand, while more active holidaymakers get to choose from an infinite range of water sports. At night you can soak up the atmosphere in Hurghada’s many bars and restaurants.

Flights to Hurghada? That’s why:

  • Stretch out on the beach and enjoy the sun
  • Go windsurfing and kitesurfing in optimal circumstances
  • Play golf in the desert
  • Dive to unspoiled places
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The climate alone is reason enough to book a flight to Corfu: lovely warm temperatures with a heavenly sea breeze. This is added to by the stunning natural scenery, and the typical Greek atmosphere will remove any doubt.

Flights to Corfu? That’s why:

  • An island full of character and with charming authenticity
  • Emerald forests, rolling hills and rugged rocky landscapes
  • Corfu City with its Venetian, British and French influences
  • Ideal for walking or cycling
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Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in Sharm El Sheikh all day long. During the day, the warm beaches stretch out before you while at night, the main asset is the pleasant atmosphere in the charming centres. There is also a wide range of opportunities for people who wish to take a dive and admire the underwater world.

Flights to Sharm el Sheikh? That’s why:

  • Delightful and laid-back beaches
  • Lively Soho Square
  • Untouched oases and desert landscapes
  • Beautiful dive sites: Ras Mohammed National Park, Ras Nusrani, Ras Om El Sid
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Situated on the south coast of the Mediterranean, the enchanting country of Tunisia excels in terms of versatility. Its temperate climate, hospitable people, centuries-old cities and colourful traditions will definitely take you by surprise. Enfidha offers you plenty of choice: you can indulge in the sun on the stunning stretches of fine sand, visit historical landmarks or stroll along the numerous charming souvenir shops.

Flights to Enfidha: that’s why:

  • An enchanting place featuring colourful traditions and centuries-old cities
  • A surprising interior with sandy deserts, oases and Berber villages
  • Wellness is sacred here
  • Shopping in a pleasant atmosphere at the souks
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Varna is a versatile destination, ideal for both a beach holiday and a cultural holiday. The sunny beaches, the beautiful natural environment and the rich folklore bear witness to this. However, there’s more! Bulgarians are very hospitable and offer an admirable range of excellent wines.

Flights to Varna? That’s why:

  • A pleasant climate, several kilometres of sandy beaches and charming seaside resorts
  • One of the oldest cities in Europe
  • A wide range of opportunities to go out
  • A versatile destination with beautiful nature and rich folklore
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Burgas: sun, beach and the beautiful Black Sea. However, Burgas has much more to offer. The Bulgarian people are very hospitable and produce delicious delicacies and divine wines. Book one of our cheap flights to Burgas now with TUI fly and discover this gem by the Black Sea.

Why book a flight to Burgas?

  • The Bulgarian hospitality, mouth-watering cuisine and delicious wines.
  • An extensive range of opportunities for relaxation, sports and going out.
  • The perfect combination of sun, sea and vast beaches.

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Book your flights to Eskisehir and get to know one of the most modern cities of Turkey. A river splits this university town into several attractive districts with lots of things to see: an aquatic park, a beach in the centre of the city, Ottoman houses, Turkish baths with natural spring water … Do you want to go for an excursion? The high-speed train takes you to Ankara and Istanbul in no time. Book your cheap flights to Eskisehir here!

Why book a flight to Eskisehir?

  • Modern, progressive university city
  • Pleasant city centre along the river
  • Several parks, including Kent park with beach
  • High-speed train to Ankara and Istanbul
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