Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
19/04/2024 TB1171 06:00 Alicante Departed at 05:58
19/04/2024 TB1451 15:30 Palma de Mallorca Departed at 15:27
19/04/2024 TB1451 15:30 Ibiza Departed at 15:27
19/04/2024 TB1071 17:15 Malaga Departed at 17:15
20/04/2024 TB1187 06:00 Alicante
20/04/2024 TB1187 06:00 Murcia
20/04/2024 TB1071 06:30 Malaga
20/04/2024 TB3131 14:15 Sharm El Sheikh
20/04/2024 TB3131 14:15 Hurghada
20/04/2024 TB3231 14:25 Antalya
Date Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
19/04/2024 TB1172 11:50 Alicante Arrived at 11:52
19/04/2024 ENT544 12:07 Thessaloniki Arrived at 12:20
19/04/2024 TB1451 22:25 Ibiza Arrived at 22:12
19/04/2024 TB1451 22:25 Palma de Mallorca Arrived at 22:12
19/04/2024 TB1072 23:50 Malaga Arrived at 23:43
20/04/2024 TB1072 13:05 Malaga
20/04/2024 TB1187 13:10 Murcia
20/04/2024 TB1187 13:10 Alicante

Lost luggage or forgotten items on board


If you have lost luggage or objects on board a TUI fly aircraft, or if your luggage is missing or damaged, you can make a digital declaration at the TUI desk at Ostend Airport. The TUI desk is located in the departure hall.

As soon as you have filed your declaration, TUI’s specialised Lost & Found partner ‘Welcome!’ will contact you by phone/mail to discuss the further handling of your declaration and to keep you updated on the status of your file.

Welcome! by Securitas Airport Services


Other Airlines

If you have lost baggage or objects on board an aircraft, you can contact the baggage handler Aviation Services Ostend. You can reach them at the telephone number and e-mail address below. Be sure to provide your reservation number, seat number and your baggage label if applicable.

Aviation Services Ostend

International Airport Ostend-Bruges
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 887 bus 6
8400 Ostend
Tel.: +32 (0)59 551 575
E-mail: Ost.ops@aviapartner.aero

Luggage or lost items at the airport

If you have lost a piece of luggage or another item at the airport, please contact us via info@ostendairport.aero

Bagages OST