Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
23/04/2024 TB1171 06:00 Alicante Departed at 06:03
23/04/2024 TB1265 13:25 Murcia
24/04/2024 TB1171 06:00 Alicante
Date Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
23/04/2024 TB1172 11:50 Alicante Expected at 11:55
23/04/2024 TB1266 12:25 Murcia Expected at 12:29

General Aviation

You can find all Technical Information, Airport Fees, info about the General Declaration and Training Flights via this link. 

North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC) is the private jet terminal and GAT for all business aviation and general aviation.

NSAC serves as fixed-base operator (FBO) and gateway in Belgium for all business aviation, general aviation, military aviation and offshore aviation. While NSAC is managing apron 3, the dedicated zone for general aviation, they are providing their services to many different aviation companies.

Visit the NSAC website for more info: https://www.nsac.aero/


The ground handling is operated on a dedicated apron and includes: welcoming and transportation of passengers and crew between aircraft and terminal, luggage loading and unloading, aircraft marshalling, towing and pushback, provision of chocks and safety cones.

Passenger Services Aircraft Services
Meet and greet upon arrival Aircraft ground handling services
Customs and immigration Cabin cleaning services
Excellent VIP lounge Exterior washing
Prime catering services Rental high crane
Hotel and restaurant reservation Potable water service
Limousine, car and bike rentals Oxygen service
Crew rooms with private shower Airside escort assistance

For crew who need a quick rest or a short night stop NSAC offers comfortable fully equipped in house crew snooze/bedrooms accompanied with excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Charters – business flights – air taxi

NSAC provides private jet charters, 24/7 globally available.
+32487/ 17 98 93

Business center

NSAC accomodates the following aviation companies having their offices in the business center:

NSAC Medical
Pilot examinations

Manufacturer of firefighting aircraft

School for PPL pilots

Cargo broker

Federal airport police and customs
Border control

Homebased companies

The GA hangars at EBOS are made to be used for all the aviation SME’s or private general aviation aircrafts, following aviation companies having their hangars:

Noordzee Vliegclub
Local flying club and school for PPL pilots

Ostend Air College
School for CPL and ATPL pilots

Stijn De Jaeghere Aerobatics
Aerobatics operator

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operator

Offshore helicopter operator and maintenance provider