Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
15/07/2024 TB1071 06:30 Malaga
15/07/2024 TB1451 06:50 Palma de Mallorca
15/07/2024 TB1451 06:50 Ibiza
15/07/2024 TB1801 14:45 Tenerife
Date Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
15/07/2024 TB1451 13:45 Ibiza
15/07/2024 TB1451 13:45 Palma de Mallorca
15/07/2024 TB1072 20:35 Malaga

General Aviation Information Sheet

Download here the General Aviation information Sheet.

Airport fees

Valid until further notice. Landing, take-off and parking fees as well as passenger taxes.
Airport fees (from 1/04/2024)
Regulations (NL)

Rules for ground service providers

You can download the rules for all providers of airport ground services here (NL).


A general declaration must be submitted to Customs by the pilot, flight commander or carrier when flying to and/or from a destination outside the EU. This is in accordance with the Customs Regulation (EU 952/2013). Failure to submit the general declaration to Customs will result in a fine. Submitting the general declaration to the Federal Police does not suffice and is not an excusable offence. 

The general declaration can be submitted to Customs by e-mail at: da.luchthaven.oostende@minfin.fed.be or can be submitted at the customs office at the airport. 

Download the document here.


In order to better perform its border control task and in accordance with the Schengen Borders Code (EU 2016/399), the Belgian Aviation Police wishes to receive a so-called General Declaration or General Declaration (GenDec) digitally in advance when a flight crosses a Schengen external border.  This GenDec includes the aircraft, flight and personal details of each private flight.

This method of pre-filing is done via this web form and applies both to flights departing from one of the six Belgian Schengen airports to a non-Schengen country and to flights from a non-Schengen country to enter Belgium.

You must also comply with this obligation if Belgium is the Member State of first entry and the final destination of the flight is in another Member State.

For both departing and arriving extra-Schengen flights, crew and passengers must present themselves to the Aviation Police for border control.

Fill in the declaration digitally via: General Declaration | Bordercontrol (police.be)

Training and test flights

Training flights are permitted between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time. No training flights are allowed on Sundays and public holidays. Military aircraft may not perform more than three training flights per day. Training flights (specifically Touch and Go, Stop and Go, and multiple approaches) with aircraft weighing less than 2000 kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) must have a noise certificate stating that the noise level does not exceed 76 dB(A) according to ICAO Annex 16, Volume 1, Part II. A copy of the noise certificate must be provided to the airport authorities. Up to four aircraft may be in the circuit at the same time. For VFR training flights at night, only activation of PAPI, illuminated WDI, runway edge lights, threshold lights, and runway end lights are permitted.

In the spirit of good neighborliness, training flights with aircraft weighing more than 6 tons MTOW are prohibited during the months of July and August.