Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
12/08/2022 TB2281 06:30 Chania Departed at 06:30
12/08/2022 TB1171 07:00 Alicante Departed at 06:50
12/08/2022 TB1451 15:30 Palma de Mallorca Departed at 15:50
12/08/2022 TB1451 15:30 Ibiza Departed at 15:50
12/08/2022 TB1071 17:00 Malaga Departed at 17:00
13/08/2022 TB1171 06:00 Alicante
13/08/2022 TB1071 06:20 Malaga
13/08/2022 TB1811 13:50 Tenerife
13/08/2022 TB1811 13:50 Gran Canaria
13/08/2022 TB1265 14:15 Murcia
Date Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
12/08/2022 TB1172 12:50 Alicante Arrived at 12:40
12/08/2022 TB2281 16:00 Chania Arrived at 16:06
12/08/2022 TB2281 16:00 Heraklion Arrived at 16:06
12/08/2022 TB1451 22:25 Ibiza
12/08/2022 TB1451 22:25 Palma de Mallorca
12/08/2022 TB1072 23:25 Malaga
13/08/2022 TB1172 11:50 Alicante
13/08/2022 TB1072 12:50 Malaga
13/08/2022 TB1266 13:30 Murcia

Hand luggage regulations

What you are permitted to take with you in your hand baggage depends on your airline and flight ticket. So check the conditions on your ticket carefully or ask your airline or travel agency. 

Your hand baggage

  • Must fit into the overhead baggage compartment on the plane.
  • May not be larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Don’t forget to include the wheels, handle or luggage carrier.

More info via TUI fly. 

Tips for hand luggage

Preferably place the following items into your hand baggage and not in the hold baggage. That way, you always have them to hand: 

  • Valuables, such as money or jewellery
  • Important documents, prescriptions or medication
  • batteries: the transport of batteries in your hold baggage is forbidden. 

Liquids and gels

For safety reasons, the amount of liquids and gels that you are permitted to carry in your hand baggage is strictly limited. 

The following liquids and gels are permitted.

  • Containers of up to 100 ml in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a total capacity of up to 1 litre.
  • Liquids that you purchased in the airport shops. Purchased liquids are packaged in a special sealed bag. You are only permitted to open these at your destination. 

Baby food

For babies and small children prepared foods are allowed in the cabin. Babies are not entitled to hand baggage, so these foods are considered to form part of the hand baggage of the adults travelling with the baby. Baby food can be heated up during the flight.

Food and drinks purchased after the security check

Products that you purchased in the airport shop/bar after security screening are permitted on board.

Not permitted in your hand baggage

It is strictly forbidden to carry the following items in your hand baggage:

  • Firearms: such as pistols, revolvers or replicas
  • Sharp and pointed objects, such as scissors, axes, knives and arrows 
  • Blunt instruments, such as golf clubs, clubs and knuckle dusters.

Read the full list here.

Label your hand luggage

  • Ensure that the exterior of each suitcase bears a label displaying your name at a minimum. 
  • Also place your name and address inside your suitcase as an additional precaution.

This makes your suitcase easy to identify should you lose it.

Keep your baggage with you at all times. Baggage that is left unattended in the airport building will be removed and potentially destroyed.