Message from the CEO

Dear traveler,

Last Wednesday, the W.H.O., World Health Organization, announced that COVID-19 has become a global epidemic (pandemic). It seems unreal for you, for me, for communities, for government leaders, for everyone here in the world. Reality takes precedence when we face the numbers. Given the daily evolution around COVID-19, “travel” quickly takes on a different meaning. Despite the uncertain and rapidly changing climate in which we live and work today due to the impact of COVID-19, I would also like to reassure you and outline the preventive measures we take as an airport to ensure your safety and the safety of our airport staff. Through this link you can consult our preventive measures.
Today are particularly challenging times for the aviation sector. This crisis therefore has an important impact on our aviation activities. In the meantime, several countries decide to close their airspace, which has an impact on normal schedules. In addition, travel is generally discouraged by the Foreign Affairs department. If you travel via our regional airports in the near future, please check the website of the airline TUI fly to see if your flight can continue. The airline is currently working day and night to provide their passengers with the best possible information and assistance.
With this I would like to personally thank you, dear traveler, for the trust you have in our regional airport. I therefore hope, just like you, that you will find the opportunity to travel again very often from Ostend-Bruges Airport.

Together we will fight this pandemic

Best regard,

Marcel Buelens
CEO & Accountable Manager Flanders International Airport Ostend-Bruges/Antwerp