Ostend-Bruges airport welcomed 370.000 passengers in 2022

Ostend-Bruges airport has had an excellent year. Last year, 369,300 passengers travelled through the airport, which is 67% more than last year and again 81% of the number of passengers travelling through Ostend Airport in 2019. In terms of cargo, the airport also did well again. The total handled cargo volume was 51,000 tonnes.

Passenger figures

“After two exceptional and difficult years, 2022 could again see plenty of travel. The airport can therefore record exccellent passenger figures and an excellent occupancy rate over the full year,” says CEO Eric Dumas. “The summer months were again absolute top months for our airport. In July, August and September, we welcomed 140,000 passengers.”

In total, the airport received 369,363 passengers last year. That is an increase of 67% compared to 2021 and again 81% of the number of passengers who travelled through our airport in 2019. “A very nice result. In December, we welcomed as many passengers as in December 2019. A great harbinger for 2023,” says CEO Eric Dumas.

In 2023, the Turkish destination Antalya will again be added to the flight schedule. “In total, travellers can once again fly to 13 Spanish, Greek and Turkish destinations. We expect at least as many passengers in 2023 as this year,” Dumas concludes.


Cargo traffic through Ostend-Bruges Airport shows a nice result for the third year in a row. Just over 51,000 tonnes of cargo were handled at our airport this year. “The total cargo volume handled this year is slightly below last year’s figures. Then our airport handled 62,000 tonnes. 2021 was an exceptionally strong year globally. We expected this slight decline and it is not limited to our airport alone. Economic developments worldwide have caused a slightly lower demand for air cargo transport,” Dumas said.

“With 51,000 tonnes, we are achieving the same result as in 2020 and are still noticing a 107% increase compared to 2019 (24,700 tonnes). The investments by the airport, handling companies and external partners in the further development of cargo transport are clearly paying off. In the spring, the new cargo warehouse built by Versluys Logistics at our airport will also be completed. We therefore expect cargo volumes to increase further over the next years.”

Egyptair and Qatar Airways remain the main cargo carriers serving our airport. Egyptair operated 30% more flights through Ostend-Bruges Airport this year compared to last year. The airport also welcomed a new airline with Mesk Air that calls at Ostend weekly in 2022. In addition, our airport remains very attractive for humanitarian missions and smaller cargo flights carrying for example car parts.

Business Aviation

The number of business flights increased by 12% at Ostend-Bruges Airport last year. “Business aviation is an important pillar for our airport. Since 2019, thanks to NSAC, our airport has a brand new Business Terminal. NSAC offers business travellers the speed, comfort and discretion they need. This increase is a great reward for NSAC’s hard work and investment. Together with NSAC, we will continue to promote our airport,” Dumas said.

In 2022, NSAC also inaugurated 12 new General Aviation hangars. These hangars are a huge asset for General Aviation activities at our airport and will also attract new commercial activity from smaller aviation players.