Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp Airport look back on strong summer holidays

The airports of Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges look back positively on the summer vacations. The airports welcomed almost 50% more passengers than one year ago. After two years full of travel restrictions due to corona, travelers clearly enjoy going on vacation by plane again. Thereby, vacationers opt more and more for regional airports. The Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp Airports welcomed a total of just under 160,000 passengers this summer vacation. 

Travel via the regional airports is on the rise. The regional airports of Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp welcomed remarkably more passengers this summer. A total of 158,614 passengers traveled via the regional airports this summer vacation, an increase of 48% compared to 2021 and again 80% of the number of passengers who traveled via our airports in 2019 – before corona. 

Antwerp Airport: “96% of the number of passengers in 2019”.

In July and August, 64,529 passengers chose Antwerp Airport to travel. That is an increase of 72% compared to last year and 97.3% of the number of passengers who chose our airport – for corona – in the summer of 2019. A very positive result that exceeds the expected passenger number. “The airport has had a very strong summer,” says CEO Eric Dumas. “There was again plenty of travel this summer and we are noticing more and more that people prefer to depart and arrive via a regional airport.” 

A total of 191,000 passengers have already traveled via Antwerp Airport this year. That’s a whopping 96.3% of the number of passengers we welcomed in the same period in 2019. “It gives everyone at the airport a huge boost to see these great figures. The airport continues to work hard to welcome even more passengers in the future. Between September 19 and October 25, the airport will be temporarily closed. The runway will then be given a new top layer. These works are essential to be able to welcome hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers in the years to come,” says Dumas.

At the end of December the airport will also welcome an Italian airline with SkyAlps. SkyAlps will operate 3 flights weekly to Bolzano in the Italian Dolomites. 

Top 3 summer destinations from Antwerp Airport

1) Alicante
2) Malaga
3) Ibiza

Business flights

Business and private aviation is also on the rise at Antwerp Airport. The market has seen a rapid recovery after the corona pandemic. As of June 2021, business and private flights exceeded the 2019 figures. This year, the number of business flights already recorded an increase of more than 16% compared to the same period in 2019. And this summer records were broken again. The number of business flights via Antwerp Airport in July and August was no less than 29% higher than during the summer of 2019.

“Thanks to private jet companies such as Flyinggroup, ASL Group, The Aviation Factory and Deutz Aviation, all of which are based in Antwerp and are known worldwide, business/private aviation in Antwerp is flourishing like never before,” says CEO Eric Dumas.

Ostend-Bruges Airport

In July and August, 94,085 passengers chose Oostende-Brugge Airport for their vacations. That is an increase of 34% compared to 2021. Travelers could choose from 13 destinations in Greece, Spain and Turkey this summer. This summer, the airport welcomed again 73% of the number of passengers traveling through our airport during the summer of 2019. “We are pleased that people have found their way back to our airport,” says CEO Eric Dumas. “Comparing the figures with 2019 is difficult, because then a total of 22 destinations were flown. This summer we only had 13 destinations on offer from Ostend. We hope to add new destinations soon.”

A total of 250,578 passengers already traveled via Ostend Airport this year.

Top 3 summer destinations from Ostend-Bruges Airport

1) Alicante
2) Canary Islands
3) Malaga

Regional airports popular

The regional airports always offer travelers a comfortable departure without stress. Therefore, the airports are gaining popularity among travelers. “Whoever chooses a regional departure, immediately chooses a comfortable departure without stress. Our airports are not crowded and we are always easily accessible. There is a family atmosphere at our airports. We therefore recommend that passengers arrive no earlier than 2 hours before departure.”

“The short walking distances and fast check-in are for many passengers the decisive factor to travel via Oostende or Antwerp. Now that many airports are facing staff and capacity shortages, the regional airports can play an important role.”