Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB3179 06:55 BARCELONA Departed at 07:05
TB3173 09:20 GRAN CANARIA Departed at 09:26
TB3173 09:20 TENERIFE Departed at 09:26
TB3831 13:30 ALICANTE
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB3180 12:00 BARCELONA Expected at 12:00
TB3832 19:20 ALICANTE
TB3174 20:40 TENERIFE


Comparison between November 2017 and November 2016
17,880 in November 2017 compared to 18,708 in November 2016 (-4.4%)

1,363 in November 2017 compared to 1,537 in November 2016 (-11.3%)

3,560 tons in November 2017 compared to 2,148 tons in November 2016 (+65.7%) > best cargo month of 2017


Comparison between October 2017 and October 2016


30,279 in October 2017 compared to 28,401 in October 2016 (+6.6%)

1,865 in October 2017 compared to 1,868 in October 2016 (stable)

2,013 tons in October 2017 compared to 1,651 tons in October 2016 (+21.9%) > best cargo month of 2017

Flemish Airports announce 7 new Summer Routes

Both Airports continue their expansion by welcoming flights to sunny destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. Florence in Tuscany, Sion in Switzerland and London are also part of this Summer Schedule.

Ostend-Bruges Airport

Home carrier TUI, continues its expansion at Ostend-Bruges Airport. It adds an extra flight to Alicante on Fridays and opens 4 additional routes to Sharm-el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. While these destinations are traditionally popular with the Belgian travellers, the airport expects also to welcome passengers from the Netherlands and the North of France.

Antwerp Airport

The newest addition to the Airport’s Route Map is Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Tuscany region with its pleasant climate, diverse natural landscape, 120 protected nature reserves and fabulous wines is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. This Summer TUI flies twice a week from Antwerp to Florence.

London remains an important destination in terms of business travel and city trips from Antwerp. As of March 2018, VLM will operate the route to London City while Flybe continues flights to London Southend.

The new route to Sion in Switzerland remains operational during the Summer Season with 5 weekly departures. Newcomer powdair targets passengers keen on Nature, Gastronomy and Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps. Sion, capital of the Swiss Canton of Valais is also known as the sunniest city in Switzerland.


Comparison between September 2017 and September 2016

45,538 in September 2017 compared to 36,686 in September 2016 (+24%)

2,070 in September 2017 compared to 1,847 in September 2016 (+12.1%)

1,020 tons in September 2017 compared to 906 tons in September 2016 (+12.5%)

NSAC announces plans for new Business Terminal at Ostend-Bruges Airport

Jef De Kinder, CEO of NSAC, explained the plans for the construction of a Business Terminal that will provide a total concept for General Aviation customers. Total investment will amount to 1.850.000 euro.

In first phase it concerns private and business flights that will receive the desired service through the Business Terminal.  In addition, NSAC will take care of the handling for aircraft up to 45,5 tons and offer a modern hangar for aircraft and helicopters.  Maintenance services will also be offered for both aircraft as helicopters, this will be supported by Gill Aviation. Additional services such as passenger transport, catering, flight planning and aircraft sales are also part of the company’s strategy.

The realization of the Business Terminal will proceed in several phases, starting with the upgrading of an existing hangar at the beginning of next year. The second phase will see the construction of the Business Terminal, which is expected to be ready for use by January 2019. In a third and final phase, the construction of an additional hangar will commence that will be used for various maintenance services.

Johan Vande Lanotte, Mayor of Ostend welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of this initiative for the city. Like the airport of Ostend, the city is also expanding: “We are evolving from a seaside town that only saw a lot of tourists in the summer, to a city that can offer many activities throughout the year, both on cultural, sports as on a culinary level. I’m very much looking forward to this new development at Ostend Airport. This will ensure a completely new form of tourism to Ostend: one lands at the airport, stays in the city for a few days and flies back. I am convinced that this will add value and give an extra boost to, among other things, the hospitality and shopping scene in Ostend. ”

Ostend-Bruges Airport, which is known for its passenger and cargo flights, will intensify its General Aviation activities with the construction of a Business Terminal. Marcel Buelens, CEO of Ostend-Bruges Airport: “We have the ambition of becoming Belgium’s ‘Le Touquet’ in the area of General Aviation, all ingredients are present and I am very pleased that we can team up with a partner like NSAC.”

Best summer ever for Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges Airports

The airports of Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp welcomed a record number of travellers during the summer months of July and August

July and August 2017 counted 53,548 passengers for Antwerp airport, an increase of 21.9% compared to the summer months in 2016. Airport Ostend-Bruges recorded an increase of 27.7% in the summer months July and August compared to the same period in 2016, representing 106,090 passengers.

The increase in the number of passengers is mainly due to the new destinations and additional capacity of TUI flights which are certainly popular with the holidaymakers. The increase for both airports shows that regional airports are gaining importance and that travellers are finding it easier to get to these airports. Affordable parking, fast check-in, easy accessibility and proximity also play an important role in the decision-making process of travellers.

Dirk Van Holsbeke, General Manager TUI says: “Each year we see an increasing enthusiasm for the regional airports of Ostend and Antwerp at TUI.  The accessibility, the small scale, the cosy atmosphere and renovated income hall offer a very pleasant and relaxed start for our travellers “

In order to optimize passenger comfort, new departure halls were built earlier this year at both airports. Travellers can now use various food and beverage facilities both before and after security, which further enhances the passenger experience at these airports.

Check out our new website!

Renewed airports require new websites. After thorough renovation works of the departure halls earlier this year, the websites of Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airport have now also received an exhaustive metamorphosis.

The new websites have been built to make it as user-friendly as possible for the surfer. The traveler now receives updated flight hours and detailed information about the airport, airlines and destinations. Various handy travel tips can also easily be found on the website, such as information for passengers with reduced mobility, information about luggage allowance and the rights of airline passengers in case of delay or cancellation. Both websites also received an up-to-date photo gallery and a section for statistics.

The websites are available in 3 languages ​​(Dutch, French and English). The look and feel is in line with the overall branding which is also reflected in the renewed signalization at the airports.

Marcel Buelens, CEO Antwerp & Ostend-Bruges Airport, aims to create a more pleasant and comfortable online environment for both airports: “The airports of Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges have seen many positive developments over the past two years, our websites could not be left behind as they are an important link between the users and our company. So I’m very excited to see both websites live today “.

The new websites were developed together with Egis by the agency Rouge Vif in Paris. The websites of the 17 airports that are part of the Egis Airport Operations will eventually all have the same look and feel and structure.

Discover our brand new websites www.ostendairport.aero and www.antwerpairport.aero.

Traffic figures August 2017

Comparison between August 2017 and August 2016


54,390 in August 2017 compared to 43,422 in August 2016 (+25.3%)

2,431 in August 2017 compared to 3,098 in August 2016 (-21.5%)

1,070 tons in August 2017 compared to 1,005 tons in August 2016 (+6.5%)

Marcel Buelens elected “Personality of the Year”

During the yearly Night of the SME’s Flanders (Small and Medium Enterprises) hosted in the Hilton Hotel Antwerpen, Marcel Buelens was rewarded with the “Personality of the Year” award. A total of 7 awards were handed out to enterprises and individuals who made a substantial contribution to the economy (today and tomorrow).

Since Marcel Buelens’ arrival as CEO, Antwerp International Airport has realized an impressive and sustainable passenger growth of +128%, attracted TUI as new client and added many new routes.
Mr. Buelens was elected by the members because of his “enormous efforts to revitalise Antwerp International Airport”.

In his first reaction Marcel Buelens declared: ‘This is a wonderful surprise! I wish to dedicate the trophy to the fantastic staff of Antwerp- and Ostend Airport who put in so much effort -night and day- to develop the regional airports of the future. “

New departure hall

The passenger terminal of the airport of Ostend-Bruges has been upgraded. The impact of the attacks of 22 March 2016 at regional airports and the increasing demand of passengers to depart from regional airports has lead to major investments. The exterior of the terminal is renovated and € 1.000.050 has been invested in a new airside departure hall.

The security zone has been extended, a VIP lounge was created and passengers on airside are able to enjoy several catering and shopping facilities. The airport joined forces with Erasmus Catering Services, based in Rotterdam. A company with almost 80 years of experience in the catering world, both airline catering services as well as pubs and restaurants.

This include an additional conveyor belt for the luggage of passengers. “If you only have one and it does not work, then you have a problem,” said CEO Marcel Buelens.