Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB3583 05:55 ALICANTE Departed at 06:20
TB3831 06:00 MALAGA Departed at 06:07
TB3179 08:00 BARCELONA Departed at 07:55
TB3393 14:00 TENERIFE
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB3584 12:00 ALICANTE Arrived at 11:57
TB3832 12:25 MALAGA Arrived at 12:18
TB3180 18:35 BARCELONA

VLM to launch new routes from Manchester to Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges on 1st October 2018

Tuesday 24 April 2018

  • Manchester to Antwerp: Two daily flights on weekdays and one daily flight during weekends
  • Daily flights between Manchester and Ostend-Bruges

VLM will serve the Manchester-Antwerp and Manchester-Ostend/Bruges routes from 1st October 2018. It is the first time that Manchester will have a direct flight to Ostend-Bruges, offering passengers easy access to the stunning, medieval city of Bruges. The airline will operate the Ostend-Bruges service once a day. Additionally, VLM will serve Antwerp twice daily Monday to Friday, with daily flights over the weekend. Tickets are already available from GBP 39* (one way, including airport taxes) via www.flyvlm.com.

“We are very happy to re-establish the Manchester – Antwerp route. Antwerp is not only Europe’s second largest seaport and the world’s diamond capital, the city also has the second largest petrochemical cluster in the world after Houston, Texas. The city is also renowned for its thriving fashion, cultural, culinary and heritage scene”, says Konstantijn Huys, Commercial Director of VLM.

He added: “Passengers flying to Ostend-Bruges Airport are within 20 minutes in the medieval city centre of Bruges, also often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’. Bruges-Ostend Airport is also the perfect gateway for a visit to Flanders Fields, where so many young people sacrificed their lives during WW1. In the lead up to 11th November there will be numerous centennial events in West-Flanders commemorating the end of the Great War.”

Marcel Buelens, CEO of Antwerp International Airport and Ostend-Bruges International Airport, commented: “The new flights to Manchester from both Antwerp and Ostend are a continuation of our intentions to offer as many business destinations as possible from the Flemish regional airports. One should also see the new connections in the context of Brexit and our belief that Britain will remain a good market for Flemish entrepreneurs. Of course we may not forget the football stars at ManU and Manchester City. Several Flemish supporter clubs put in buses weekly to attend matches. Air transport is now made possible thanks to very affordable prices. We wish VLM a lot of success with this new chapter.”

Luc Abbeloos, director of marketing Westtoer (Tourism Office of West-Flanders), stated: “The flights from Manchester are excellent news. About 60% of all Britons who visit Flanders come to West Flanders, resulting in approximately 730,000 overnight stays of British tourists each year, with Bruges and Flanders Fields leading the way. Thanks to the new route from Manchester, these places will become even more accessible to millions of British visitors. “

Julian Carr, Aviation Director for Manchester Airport, said: “We’re delighted to see VLM coming back to Manchester to re-connect the airport with Antwerp and also launch services to Ostend-Bruges. Both destinations are perfect for city breaks and I’m sure they’ll prove hugely popular with the 22 million people in our catchment area.”

About VLM
VLM Airlines employs more than 100 aviation professionals. The fleet consists of 6 Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft. VLM Airlines offers scheduled flights from Antwerp to Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cologne-Bonn, London City Airport, Munich, Rostock, Zurich and Maribor.

* Promotional fare valid from 24th to 30th April for travel from 1st to 27th October 2018

New route Manchester – Antwerp Airport from 1 October 2018


New routes Manchester – Ostend-Bruges Airport from 1st October 2018


** 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday, 7 = Sunday.


Comparison between March 2018 and March 2017


20,483 in March 2018 compared to 17,217 in March 2017 (+18.97%)

2,274 in March 2018 compared to 1,995 in March 2017 (+14%)

2,259 tons in March 2018 compared to 1,908 tons in March 2017 (+18.4%)


Comparison between February 2018 and February 2017


16,686 in February 2018 compared to 14,853 in February 2017 (+12.34%)

1,910 in February 2018 compared to 1,319 in February 2017 (+44.81%)

1,757 tons in February 2018 compared to 1,443 tons in February 2017 (+21.74%)


Comparison between January 2018 and January 2017


15,711 in January 2018 compared to 13,960 in January 2017 (+12.54%)

967 in January 2018 compared to 1,149 in January 2017 (-15.84%)

2,434 tons in January 2018 compared to 1,758 tons in January 2017 (+38.49%)

Ostend-Bruges Airport announces satisfactory year results 2017

During the year 2017 Ostend-Bruges Airport welcomed 365.345 passengers, registered 22.708 flight movements and treated 23.369 tonnes of cargo.

Although 365.345 passengers in 2017 represent a decrease of 16% compared to 2016, the overall result is remarkable. Following last year’s Terrorist Attacks in Brussels, the airport welcomed 120.000 extra passengers unable to fly from Brussels Zaventem. When excluding these passengers from the total result, Ostend-Bruges Airport would achieve in 2017 an increase of 15% compared to 2016. 

The airport increased its cargo trafic with 5% compared to 2016, with the strongest growth during the last 3 months of the year.

This upcoming summer season the airport offers four new destinations with TUI adding flights to Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. TUI will now operate a total of 25 summer routes from Ostend-Bruges Airport.

Interest for cargo flights also increases since freight forwarders are in search of alternatives for the much congested airports of Amsterdam, Liège and Brussels.    

General Aviation is expected to grow due to the construction of the Business Terminal. Private- and business flights will provide a new boost to Ostend-Bruges Airport starting with the official opening of the Business Terminal next year.  

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Comparison between December 2017 and December 2016


17,968 in December 2017 compared to 15,078 in December 2016 (+19.2%)

1,554 in December 2017 compared to 1,591 in December 2016 (-2.3%)

4,489 tons in December 2017 compared to 3,160 tons in December 2016 (+42.1%!)


Comparison between November 2017 and November 2016
17,880 in November 2017 compared to 18,708 in November 2016 (-4.4%)

1,363 in November 2017 compared to 1,537 in November 2016 (-11.3%)

3,560 tons in November 2017 compared to 2,148 tons in November 2016 (+65.7%) > best cargo month of 2017


Comparison between October 2017 and October 2016


30,279 in October 2017 compared to 28,401 in October 2016 (+6.6%)

1,865 in October 2017 compared to 1,868 in October 2016 (stable)

2,013 tons in October 2017 compared to 1,651 tons in October 2016 (+21.9%) > best cargo month of 2017

Flemish Airports announce 7 new Summer Routes

Both Airports continue their expansion by welcoming flights to sunny destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. Florence in Tuscany, Sion in Switzerland and London are also part of this Summer Schedule.

Ostend-Bruges Airport

Home carrier TUI, continues its expansion at Ostend-Bruges Airport. It adds an extra flight to Alicante on Fridays and opens 4 additional routes to Sharm-el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. While these destinations are traditionally popular with the Belgian travellers, the airport expects also to welcome passengers from the Netherlands and the North of France.

Antwerp Airport

The newest addition to the Airport’s Route Map is Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Tuscany region with its pleasant climate, diverse natural landscape, 120 protected nature reserves and fabulous wines is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. This Summer TUI flies twice a week from Antwerp to Florence.

London remains an important destination in terms of business travel and city trips from Antwerp. As of March 2018, VLM will operate the route to London City while Flybe continues flights to London Southend.

The new route to Sion in Switzerland remains operational during the Summer Season with 5 weekly departures. Newcomer powdair targets passengers keen on Nature, Gastronomy and Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps. Sion, capital of the Swiss Canton of Valais is also known as the sunniest city in Switzerland.


Comparison between September 2017 and September 2016

45,538 in September 2017 compared to 36,686 in September 2016 (+24%)

2,070 in September 2017 compared to 1,847 in September 2016 (+12.1%)

1,020 tons in September 2017 compared to 906 tons in September 2016 (+12.5%)