Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB3283 06:00 BODRUM/MILAS Departed at 06:32
TB3283 06:00 ANTALYA Departed at 06:32
TB1171 06:55 ALICANTE Departed at 07:00
TB1171 06:55 MALAGA Departed at 07:00
TB3311 17:25 ESKISEHIR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB1172 15:00 MALAGA Arrived at 14:42
TB1172 15:00 ALICANTE Arrived at 14:42
TB3312 01:30 ESKISEHIR
TB3284 16:15 ANTALYA Arrived at 16:33
TB3284 16:15 BODRUM/MILAS Arrived at 16:33

Traffic figures March 2019


Comparison between March 2019 and March 2018


24,784 in March 2019 compared to 20,483 in March 2018  (+21.0%)

1,640 in March 2019 compared to 2.274 in March 2018 (-27.9%)

1.663 ton in March 2019 compared to 2,260 ton in March 2018 (-26.4%)

Year results 2018

During the year 2018 Ostend-Bruges Airport welcomed 420.000 passengers and treated 28.000 tonnes of cargo.


Compared to 2017, 420.000 passengers represent an increase of 15%. Almost equalizing the record of 2016 having 435.000 passengers due to the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels. The airport increased its cargo traffic with 20% compared to 2017 (23 500 tonnes).

This upcoming summer season the airport increases its flights to Alicante (6 times a week), Malaga (6 times a week), Ibiza (2 times a week and 3 times between July and September) and Corfu (1 time a week and 2 times between July and September).

Interest for cargo flights also increases since freight forwarders are in search of alternatives for the much congested airports of Liège and Schiphol. There were more occasional landings of the American cargo company Kalitta.    

Business and training flights have remained stable. In April 2019, the new Business Terminal will open.

Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp Airports represented at Antwerp Holiday Fair Jan 24th-27th


Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp Airports represented at Antwerp Holiday Fair Jan 24th-27th

The largest holiday fair in Flanders will be held at Antwerp Expo this year, from Thursday Jan 24th till Sunday Jan 27th. Exhibitors at the fair will be divided in two groups: the close to home holidays and the far from home holidays. Our stand can be found in hall 4 at stand 4600 with the far from home holidays, meaning holidays for which you travel by airplane.

Airports invite professionals on opening day

At the opening, Thursday morning, we fly right into the action. From 10am to 12am all tour operators and other professionals will be welcome in the BLACK BOX in hall 1 (stand 1403), which has been rented out by the Airport. The BLACK BOX is an area that has been customized in order to  inform participants, in a private and very hospitable atmosphere, of current and future flight offers. TUI fly (with spokesman Piet Demeyere), Flybe (with marketing director Bernd Behrend) and new company La Nova (with CEO David Roman) will demonstrate their strengths and illustrate their cooperation with the regional Airport(s). Marcel Buelens, CEO of both regional Airports, will start things off.

Visitors will be pampered

Stand 4600 in hall 4 will prove itself the place to be at Antwerp’s Holiday Fair. The two Airports will highlight their destinations and bring the holiday atmosphere by integrating TUI fly and Flybe as subexhibitors in the main booth.

Gadgets + photos + airplane tickets

For four days straight, the regional Airports and the two airline companies will indulge thousands of visitors with a fun and diverse series of gadgets. To top things off, every day there will be four duo tickets up for grabs.

How to participate in the contest?

  • The visitor will come to the photo booth at stand 4600 in hall 4
  • A host or hostess will guide the visitor that wishes to participate at the photo booth
  • The visitor will share their favorite destination: London or Ibiza!
  • A postcard style photo will be printed immediately according to the visitor’s preference
  • The postcard will serve as a gift and memento
  • The visitor will have a shot at a duo ticket if they send the postcard to their email address through the photo booth, and subsequently share the photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #flyrelaxflyregional
  • Each day the four photos with the most likes on Facebook or Instagram will be selected. The contest ends at exactly 5pm!
  • At 6pm the winners will be announced!


Through this global social media contest we will involve every visitor of the Holiday Fair. The regional Airports, along with TUI fly and Flybe, will deliver a powerful message at this edition of the Holiday Fair: #flyrelaxflyregional


The fair will take place at Antwerp Expo from Thursday Jan 24th until Sunday Jan 27th 2019, with doors open daily from 10am to 6pm. Tickets for the Antwerp Holiday Fair can be purchased at http://www.vakantiesalon-antwerpen.be/tickets/

Airline announces new route from Ostend-Bruges Airport

Airline announces new route from Ostend-Bruges Airport

Thursday 20 December 2018 – Pobeda, low cost branch of the Russian Aeroflot Group, announced the launch of three weekly flights to Moscow (Vnukovo). This is an important extension of the airport’s network as it is for the airline since it is their first Belgian route.

Flights will be operated three times per week as of March 7th 2019 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Pobeda airline fleet consists only of 24 modern Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Marcel Buelens, CEO of Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp Airport is delighted: “These new scheduled flights are great news for our airport but also for the entire region. Tourism in Flanders will profit from this connection, enabling both short breaks as longer stays. Besides the Belgian passengers we expect to attract customers from nearby North of France and the South-West of The Netherlands.”


Seats on the direct flights from Ostend-Bruges to Moscow are now available www.pobeda.aero. Please note: flights start as of 7 March 2019. When selecting your flight, chose departure airport Bruges (Ostend). Full details will follow mid January.



Comparison between October 2018 and October 2017


37,580 in October 2018 compared to 30,279 in October 2017  (+24.1%)

1,952 in October 2018 compared to 1,865 in October 2017 (+4.7%)

1,845 ton in October 2018 compared to 2,013 ton in October 2017 (-8.4%)


Comparison between September 2018 and September 2017


50,583 in September 2018 compared to 45,538 in September 2017  (+11.1%)

2,591 in September 2018 compared to 2,070 in September 2017 (+25.2%)

1,068 ton in September 2018 compared to 1,020 ton in September 2017 (+102.8%)


Comparison between August 2018 and August 2017

62,937 in August 2018 compared to 54,390 in August 2017  (+15.7%)

2,485 in August 2018 compared to 2,431 in August 2017 (+2.2%)

1,670 ton in August 2018 compared to 1,070 ton in August 2017 (+56.1%)


Comparison between July 2018 and July 2017


59,827 in July 2018 compared to 51,700 in July 2017  (+15.7%)

2,893 in July 2018 compared to 2,504 in July 2017 (+15.5%)

1,835 ton in July 2018 compared to 1,023 ton in July 2017 (+79.2%)


Comparison between May 2018 and May 2017


39,659 in May 2018 compared to 36,983 in May 2017  (+7.2%)

1,724 in May 2018 compared to 2,493 in May 2017 (-30.8%)

2,288 ton in May 2018 compared to 1,726 ton in May 2017 (+32.6%)



Comparison between April 2018 and April 2017


33.779 in April 2018 compared to 26.494 in April 2017  (+27,5%)

2.611 in April 2018 compared to 1.924 in April 2017 (+35,7%)

2.451 ton in April 2018 compared to 1.828 ton in April 2017 (+34,1%)