Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1171 06:10 ALICANTE Departed at 06:24
TB1441 06:20 PALMA DE MALLORCA Departed at 06:14
TB2281 13:00 HERAKLION Departed at 12:56
TB2281 13:00 CHANIA Departed at 12:56
TB1801 09:00 TENERIFE
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB1442 11:50 PALMA DE MALLORCA Arrived at 11:18
TB1172 18:50 ALICANTE Arrived at 18:33
TB2282 22:55 CHANIA Arrived at 22:53
TB2282 22:55 HERAKLION Arrived at 22:53
TB1802 19:50 TENERIFE

North Sea Aviation Center is building a new Business Terminal at Ostend-Bruges Airport  

Jef De Kinder, CEO of NSAC, is investing in a Business Terminal that will provide a total concept for General Aviation customers.

In first phase it concerns private and business flights that will receive the desired service through the Business Terminal.  In addition, NSAC will take care of the handling for aircraft up to 45,5 tons and offer a modern hangar for aircraft and helicopters.  Maintenance services will also be offered for both aircraft as helicopters, this will be supported by Gill Aviation. Additional services such as passenger transport, catering, flight planning and aircraft sales are also part of the company’s strategy.

The realization of the Business Terminal will proceed in several phases, starting with the upgrading of an existing hangar at the beginning of next year. The second phase will see the construction of the Business Terminal, which is expected to be ready for use by January 2019. In a third and final phase, the construction of an additional hangar will commence that will be used for various maintenance services. Total investment will amount to 1.850.000 euro.

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