Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1171 06:00 ALICANTE Departed at 05:55
TB1631 09:25 GRAN CANARIA Departed at 09:28
TB1631 09:25 TENERIFE Departed at 09:28
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB1172 11:45 ALICANTE Arrived at 11:25
TB1632 20:40 TENERIFE

The airport is operational 24/7. However, the terminal building is only open to the public between 07.00 am and 10.00 pm. As from the closing of restaurant Belair until 07.00 am, the passenger terminal is not accessible to the public.

However, when departing passenger flights are scheduled, the sliding doors will be open to the passengers 3 hours before departure time. For scheduled arrival flights, the sliding doors will be open one hour before arrival of the flight.

Service providers / suppliers, etc. that need to enter the airport for professional reasons, can do this between the closing time and 07.00 am. In this case, the security department will need to be contacted at the telephone number (+32) 059 551 510, stating the reason for access.