Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
27/05/2024 TB1801 06:00 Tenerife Departed at 05:55
27/05/2024 TB1451 07:00 Palma de Mallorca Departed at 07:00
27/05/2024 TB1451 07:00 Ibiza Departed at 07:00
27/05/2024 TB1071 16:45 Malaga Departed at 16:41
28/05/2024 TB1171 06:00 Alicante
28/05/2024 TB2281 13:10 Heraklion
28/05/2024 TB2281 13:10 Chania
28/05/2024 TB1265 13:25 Murcia
Date Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
27/05/2024 TB1451 13:55 Ibiza Arrived at 13:56
27/05/2024 TB1451 13:55 Palma de Mallorca Arrived at 13:56
27/05/2024 TB1802 15:35 Tenerife Arrived at 16:33
27/05/2024 TB1072 23:20 Malaga Arrived at 23:00
28/05/2024 TB1172 11:50 Alicante
28/05/2024 TB1266 12:25 Murcia


The minimum age for a child to travel alone is 5 years of age and only when it is duly assisted.

5 – 11

Assistance is compulsory for Unaccompanied Minors (UM), i.e. children from 5 up to 11 years of age who are not accompanied by a person who is at least 18 years old. The child will then be under permanent supervision of airport personnel and cabin crew. The parent or guardian handing over the child at Ostend Airport and the parent or guardian collecting the child at airport of arrival must be nominated at the time of making the booking. Strict rules and regulations apply, including a thorough identity check.

Please check with your airline or travel agent for rules and procedures that apply: www.tuifly.be 

12 – 17

For “Young Passengers”(YP), i.e. youngsters aged 12 up to 18, assistance is optional and can be applied for.